Night is for the Freaks (with Samantha Irby) [Re-Release]

Well lil freaks, it finally happened. We got the call last week on the secure Headgum line (red phone) from Bill Nelson (head of NASA, reports to POTUS, first coined the phrase "Houston, we have a problem") and Caleb and Shelby are on their way to the John F. Kennedy Space Center for an important meeting and we are not cleared to give you any other info (strictly need-to-know basis at this time). Anyway, while that's all happening, we unearthed from the archives one of our all-time favorite episodes of the show, which we think in turn will one day be on the Golden Record itself. If this meeting goes well. Enjoy and see you next week.

Comedian and writer Samantha Irby (Wow, No Thank You; Meaty; Shrill) creates a Golden Record full of artifacts that she hopes the aliens will find life-changing. She also expresses her thoughts on what she would do with Henry Cavill in inappropriate public settings.

Sam's Artifacts

  • Gone Girl, the book not the movie (literature)

  • A live Tori Amos bootleg cassette (audio)
  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout (audio-visual)

  • comment section from 2008 - (web archive)

  • The burn of an excessively carbonated gas station fountain soda (multisensory experience)

Original Voyager Artifact

"Do You Think...?" Listener Picks

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