Old Meme Energy (with EJ Marcus)

Shelby's back in studio (missed you, girl!); Caleb's finally on Raya (congrats, girl!); and EJ Marcus stops by the pod to kind of randomly make fun of producer Anya (who is actually writing this description but totally forgives you, girl!). After all, EJ is, by their own admission, Mean, Scary, Tall, and Intimidating. 

Mean, Scary, Tall, and Intimidating EJ brought along a near-perfect Golden Record that is at once practical and... dare we say... provocative? Listen in for arguably the best hour-and-change of your day.

EJ's Artifacts:

  • Art With Cats On It (Visual)
  • Shoe Racks (Object)
  • Sunglasses (Object)
  • Thelma & Louise (1991 Film)

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