One of Our Funniest Murderers (with Jamie Loftus)

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, welcome back. We have perhaps never meant it to more??? Keeping Records is all the way back, with the new EJ and the old Shelby and all that record-making you love or hate or agree with or disagree with or tolerate. And could we have asked for a better first guest back than comedian/writer/podcaster-to-the-stars Jamie Loftus? No we could not.

Finally all together in the studio, the gang puzzled over some really important questions like: Should you get a pet snake? (No.) Should one have sex with their car? (Only if the car is cool/souped up.) Why is Australia scary but New Zealand not scary? (Unsure.) And other questions that are really worth considering!!!

Jamie's Artifacts

  • Jamie's mom's 30th birthday video (Audio-visual)

  • Lemony Snickett Books (Book Series)
  • The Jinx (2015 Documentary Series)
  • The Volcano Couple (Historical Figures)
  • Going to the bathroom right before or after doing something significant and looking in the mirror and being like remember this!!!! (Feeling)
  • The Court Scene From I, Tonya (Film Scene)
  • The Hot Dog episode of How It's Made (Audio-visual)

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