Snakes Are a Problem For Me (with A.J. Marroquin)

Last week's really devastated Shelby and Caleb. So much so that they're taking some precautionary steps for the sanctity of the pod. Comedian, friend, and breakfast enthusiast A.J. Marroquin mediates our hosts' ongoing negotiations, occasionally sharing his own Golden Record when allowed to. Jennifer Lopez makes yet another guest appearance on the pod, and so do a hell of a lot of snakes. Theme park souvenir photos, cars spiraling down from the heavens, The Golden Corral, all of it is a wondrous backstop for hammering out Caleb and Shelby's dysfunctional functionality. And it is beautiful.

A.J.‘s Artifacts

  • Jennifer Lopez's filmography (audio-visual)
  • Saloon-style famkly portraits/theme park souvenirs (image)
  • Breakfast after a hook-up (multisensory experience)
  • Buffets (multisensory experience)
  • The Carvana vending machine (architecture)

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