Some Dumb Joke (with Abby McEnany)

Writer, comedian, actress, improviser (and if I'm being honest? friend!) Abby McEnany is on the podcast, and she's brought her deep, deep passion for the United States Postal Service. (UPS is also close to her but for different reasons.) Vincent D'Onofrio, brand-name ibuprofen, Abby's kickass nephews, and President Jimmy Carter himself are all going to space. Ok, President Carter himself isn't going, but the aliens do need to know about everything he's been up to.

Abby's Artifacts

  • Procedural crime dramas (audio-visual)

  • Mail (human institution and interaction)
  • Advil (molecule)
  • The knowledge of Abby's nephews' existences (human being)
  • A record of Jimmy Carter's post-presidency (historical record)

Watch Abby in the season premiere of Work in Progress on Showtime, on Sunday, August 22nd.


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