Stick to the Shore (with Chuck Bryant)

This episode is for our sweet n earnest lil freaks ONLY. We mean it!!!! If you're not prepared to shed a tear as longtime podcaster/friend of the show/loving dad Chuck Bryant talks about his favorite episode of his kid's favorite TV show, you should probably turn back now!!!!

(OK, now that it's just us sweethearts, we can tell you about the rest of the episode: Shelby comes up with a plan for getting lost in a crowd, EJ pulls out an obscure metaphor never uttered before by man or extra-terrestrial, and Chuck probably wonders why his illustrious podcast career brought him to this moment, watching two people do an improv scene with a bear for some reason.)

Chuck's Artifacts

  •  Jaws (1975 Film)
  • The Sleepytime episode of Bluey (Children's TV episode)
  • This Queen performance of "Somebody to Love" live in Montreal (Audio-visual)

  • Musicless Music Videos on Youtube (Audio-visual)
  • The guy that fell off his bike in college and acted like he was reading a book (Memory)
  • I Think You Should Leave (TV show)

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