That's Oral by the Way (with Maggie Winters)

Comedian Maggie Winters joins Caleb and Shelby for their second video episode, which devolves into chaos after a game of f*ck, marry, kill. Shelby leaves the zoom but eventually returns. Caleb's tennis leg cramps? Back for a special appearance. Also, everybody learns what paramour means. 

Eventually they get to Maggie aka Marguerite's Golden Record, which is a blend of visuals and experiences the Aliens will love. On the topic of her Disney past, Caleb and Shelby ask the pointed but necessary question: is Maggie someone who calls Goofy a friend? And stick with us here: Goofy's paws are, more often than not, "up." Is Goofy...a lil freak?

Maggie's Artifacts

  • Deep Dish Pizza (Food)
  • Schiller Visions: Hidden Camera Commercials Sketch with Chris Farley (Audio-visual)

  • Her parents surprising her and her brothers with a trip to Disney World in 1992 (Feeling)
  • Going to the movies alone and ordering a big popcorn, drink, and candy and also the movie is good (Multi-sensory Experience)
  • All reality TV ever (Entertainment)
  • When her mom found a fiddlers glove on the ground and used it to hold her wine on St. Patricks Day (Experience)

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