The Bay Area Rave Scene (with Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher)

The place: a grim, dimly-lit warehouse in Oakland. The year: 1999. Our hero, known to most simply as “DJ Moshe,” a prolific local techno disc jockey, prepares to square off against his enemy, DJ E. Moshe, in an underground battle for house-music-scene domination.

How does this tale of high stakes adventure end? Does our hero prevail as the greatest selector the Bay Area has ever known? Or does he get into comedy, fall in love with Natasha Leggero, and together stop by the Headgum studios to send the best Earth has to offer into space?

Don't want to spoil it but tune in to find out.

Natasha + Moshe's Artifacts:

  • Hot Springs (Natural Phenomenon)
  • Camping (Experience)
  • RVs (Vehicle)

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