The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God

It has been a week of fending off requests from incredibly rich and famous celebrities, Nobel Prize laureates, the greatest writers, mathematicians, and physicists of our age, emails coming in four times an hour—"Please, please allow this unbelievably brilliant environmental scientist to personally curate a Golden Record to send into outer space!" "Caleb and Shelby, this former President of the United States needs to guest on the show this week, it's incredibly important." "You guys, we will give you a quarter of a million dollars if you allow this star of a classic '90s sitcom to talk about The Culture™️ with you in order to reinvigorate his career."

We said no to all of them. And we did it for you, the listener.

Caleb and Shelby sit down for another episode of just the two of them. They sing a little, they preach a little, the cry a little, they bark a little. They talk their evolving living situations, some of their own Golden Record picks and Delete-Its, and some of YOUR Golden Record picks and Delete-Its.

Artifacts Discussed


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