The Politician and The Ski Instructor


Shelby is in the studio. Caleb is in his and Shelby's old home. The novel coronavirus is in Caleb. (Ok, was in Caleb, he is feeling better, thank you.)

It's a Listener Submission episode, and Listeners...your submissions this time were just...all over the place. You made Caleb and Shelby think about some weird and terrifying stuff that they definitely didn't want to think about, including but not limited to:

  • The unknown depths of the ocean
  • Where do eels come from?
  • How frogs swallow (*police cadet writing this makes throwing up noise*)

Caleb poses a unique question: If you had to go into space for five years, what one streaming service would you bring? What one genre of music? What four friends? Shelby has some difficulty answering.

Your Record Additions

  • When pets’ tongues stick out a little while they nap
  • The morning after going out getting shitty breakfast and coffee

Your Deletions

  • Flip Flops
  • WWE
  • Action Sequences in Movies
  • Social Media posts starting with “Sometimes” and “Rant Over”

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