The Town Crier (with George Civeris and Sam Taggart)

Well looky who we have here: it's the literal titans of the heterosexual podcasting world, George Civeris and Sam Taggart (Straightiolab). To keep things super duper straight this episode, the gang discuss Reese Witherspoon, owls, Lady Gaga, taking a nice long walk in the fall, and then circling back to Reese Witherspoon again. 

The aliens also get the BOGO deal of a lifetime with two sets of artifacts rocketing off into space: 

George's Artifacts: 

Sam's Artifacts:

  • Lady Gaga Muppet Christmas Special (Audio-Visual)
  • The Feeling When A Guy You Think Is Straight Turns Out To Be Bi (Feeling)
  • Season 3 Episode 7 of HBO's Girls When They Go To The Beach House (TV Episode)

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