To Rustle is Human (with Daniel Chua and Alex Rehding)

Caleb has moved out. Shelby is also moving out. Distance has come between them, but their love for one another bridges that great divide.

Here to observe our hosts' attempt at coping with separation anxiety are Chair Professor Daniel Chua (University of Hong Kong) and Fanny Peabody Professor Alex Rehding (Harvard University), co-authors of the book Alien Listening: Voyager's Golden Record and Music From Earth (Princeton University Press).

A discussion between four academic equals unfolds, focusing on how the Golden Records can teach us to differently hear and analyze music. Throughout the lecture, the esteemed professors make a Golden Record together with just as much food on it as there is music.

For all of our listeners with terminal degrees in their respective fields, this one is for you. 

Daniel's Artifacts 

Alex’s Artifacts

Original Voyager Artifact

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