Very Human to Dance (with Carly Kane)

Gather in close, lil freaks - things get serious for a minute as Caleb and Shelby open up with you all about the family stuff they've had going on. Turns out, growing up sucks.

But the intimate moments don't stop there: we also learn a lot about Caleb's balls, guest Carly Kane lets it slip that she's a die-hard Eminem stan, and Shelby reveals the instability of her wifi connection by leaving and re-entering the chat, repeatedly.

Carly's Artifacts:

  • When a Crush Puts Their Hand On Your Knee/Leg (Experience)
  • Amy Winehouse Discography (Audio)
  • All Types of Breads (Food)
  • Smell of Gasoline (Smell)
  • Random Public Dancing (Activity)

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