Weekly Dog Council (with Jo Firestone)


Caleb and Shelby cope with being apart by contemplating their sexual chemistry.

Comedian Jo Firestone is on the podcast this week, as is her dog companion Loaf. Jo loves Loaf, and we love Loaf. We love specific brands of tomato sauce, we love Greek women yelling at us to get our lives together, we love munching on ice, and we love the sound macaroni makes when it's getting stirred together. Wait...do we? Regardless, we do not love rats nor the sounds they make when tickled.

Jo's Artifacts

  • Rao's tomato sauce (food)
  • Olympia Dukakis yelling "Your life is going down the toilet!!" in Moonstruck (audio-visual)
  • Macaroni stirring noise (audio)
  • Ice nuggets from Sonic (food and multisensory experience)
  • When Dog wants to come near you (multisensory experience)

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