You're So Embryonic (with Negin Farsad)

Negin Farsad—comedian, writer, director, host of the podcast Fake the Nationneeds the aliens to experience humanity in a very specific way. And that way is...perfect. Swan dresses, elevated train tracks extending across the Manhattan skyline, trying not to cry when you see something beautiful in public, nouvelle's all there. Except for Plumber's Crack. That's gone, she got rid of that.

Negin's Golden Record Artifacts:

  • Anything Bjork related (audio-visual)
  • The Highline in NYC and the thrill of a public works project (architecture)
  • That moment when a concert violinist is playing for free in a park and they play something beautiful and then you cry in public but try to act like you have allergies (multisensory experience)
  • The first time having French food made by French people (food)
  • The Grinder (audio-visual)

  • Knowing you're wearing a cute outfits (multisensory experience)

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