102: STAYING Fit (w/ Erin McGown)


Erin McGown (Erin and Melissa) returns to The Weight Room again!! Stanger is still flying solo so he had to bring in a sure-thing-guest/co-host. Rest assured, Erin delivers! Erin and Stanger don't waste any time catching up. They get started by talking about Erin's previous visits and how Stanger was scared of her mom. Erin also talk about what she's doing to maintain her fitness and all the latest happenings at GoTribe. They talk about setting new goals and finding something to work for after you've gotten yourself in shape. The topic of fears/challenges while maintaining is brought up and both weigh in. Last they answer a very difficult listener question about getting back to the gym while grieving the loss of a loved one.

"Yeeeeaaahhh Buddy!!!"

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