111: Let's Get Back To It (w/ Euge & Stang)


It's a happy day in The Weight Room! The mighty, mighty Eugene has returned!!!! This episode is all about Stanger and him catching up and getting back in the groove. Eugene breaks down his grueling shooting schedule and how having little to time for exercise affected him. He wasn't able train as much as he wanted but did he stick to his diet?? Also the 'Bells give you some holiday mentality tips and ask the listeners to send in their tips and temptations to be read throughout the holiday season - a special winner will be selected at random and awarded with a Dumbbells hoodie!!!

"The Euge is back babyeee!!!!"

This episode is brought to you by Magic Spoon (use code DUMBBELLS), Bombas, and OSEA (use code DUMBBELLS)!
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