112: Be Inspired (w/ Beth Appel)


Euge and Stange are back at it in full force. This week they got Beth Appel (Everything Is Rent podcast) to chop it up with them in The Weight Room. Beth is a musical theater aficionado so Stanger grills Euge and her on all things musical. Then they get into it! Beth has a very relatable fitness origin story - she tells the guys about growing up in Colorado playing scoccer (but never loving it) riding bikes and doing crunches. Also, letting go of all of it for college and part of her 20s and finally how she made a triumphant return to a healthy lifestyle and completely transformed! Last Beth gives her tips and temptations for The 'Bells Holiday Strengths and Weaknesses segment. Keep sending in yours- winner gets a hoodie!!

"Light Weight Baby!!!"

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