14: Surviving this Fast Food World (w/ Mike Mitchell)

It's Dumb Meets Dough Part 2. The Spoonman, Mike Mitchell is in The Weight Room for episode 14. You know him as the co-host of the hilarious podcast Doughboys, as a member of The Birthday Boys and most recently Randy on the NETFLIX show LOVE. The Dumbbells talk to Mitch about names and nicknames and how he can be healthy and still do the Doughboys podcast. They group also discuses how identity can be tied to weight how food can become entertainment. Everyone "weighs in" on how a fit, fast food junkie can get some greens in his diet and also what the healthiest fast food options are. Last, the DBs and Mitch give some ideas on what a person stuck at cubicle all day can do to workout.

"Nothing But A Peanut!!!"

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