162: Diet or Exercise??? (w/ John Flynn)

Time to shake off the damage from Thanksgiving BellBabies and what better way than with the delightful guest this week John Flynn (TWO OLD QUEENS podcast) John is the funniest and he delights Stanger and McGown right out of the gates with some hot takes on this year's prestige movies. The group shifts the talk over to John's upbringing back east and how he spent most of his childhood as a self proclaimed "fat kid". They all try to answer the time honored question of what to do when you accidentally like an someone's old Instagram post. McGown and Stanger give John their thoughts on what is more important diet or exercise. Last the group discusses the film adaptation of CATS and answer a listener question about how to stay healthy while working a night shift.


Listen to John's podcast, 2 Old Queens: https://shows.pippa.io/2-old-queens/

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