180: Dumbbells Live 4 of ? (w/ Dianne Doan)

We are still in it! Ok BellBabies, here's the format this week. You get a short a check in with Euge and Stanger and then a full episode with the great Dianne Doan (WARRIOR, DESCENDANTS) this was recorded before Covid-19 put us all on lockdown. So it's a chance for some true escapism. She tells the guys all about growing up in Canada where she started as a dancer and then about doing some hardcore training while shooting for her bad-ass role in the show WARRIOR. Last the guys do their weekly live segment and answer questions coming through Instagram. Some of the questions include, how to resolve back issues from working at home? What to do a bulging disc? Are there any effective sauna alternatives? And more! The Bells love checking in with you guys every week, thanks for listening!

"Stay Safe!!!"

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