182: Dumbbells Live 6 of ? (w/ Jon Gabrus)

The 'Bells are continuing on with the new format and settling into a groove...this week went off without a hitch! The guys had a great guest join them for the live show - the always funny Jon Gabrus (HIGH AND MIGHTY and ACTIONBOYZ podcasts) Jon kills it as per usual. He tells the guys about what he did for 4/20 and what kind of exercise makes sense on weed. The group discusses their favorite sports movies and what physical ability related to fitness they wished they had. They end the show by answering some listener questions. Some of those questions include; can I play Rugby with "bad" shoulders? do theraguns actually work? What are some pull-down exercises for a cable pulley? And more! This is a really fun show with a great guest. Hang in there BellBabies!

"Light Weight Baby!"

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