183: Dumbbells Live 7 of ? (w/ Shannon O'Neill)

The Bells are still in it with ya! Bringing you those weekly live shows recorded remotely without interruption! This week they have an awesome guest broadcasting from her remote weight room In NYC! Shannon O'Neill (HOW TO FIX A DRUG SCANDAL, MOST LIKELY TO MURDER) Shannon and Eugene go way back to UCB in New York where she currently is and the show starts with her telling the guys how things are currently going in the big city. Next Shannon tells the guys about growing up in the Philadelphia area, how she became a jock in middle school and her love of basketball- there's a lot of 90's b-ball talk this episode! Shannon's story ends with her finding a real Iove for fitness by way of CrossFit but it wasn't a smooth ride! She offers some great tips on how to handle the monotony of exercise while social distancing. Last the group answers some questions from listeners. Does infrared sauna offer the same benefit as traditional sauna? How to up protein consumption during the day if you're tracking macros but don't like snacking? And what are some equipment brand recommendations for starting a home gym?


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