59: Karate-ish Kid (w/ Zac Oyama)

It's Episode 59!! The Dumbbells welcome the very funny and talented Zac Oyama (CollegeHumor) to The Weight Room. The show starts with Zac and Stanger connecting on a few CollegeHumor sketches they did together and Zac is forced to explain the minutiae of how the site's views are calculated. The fitness talk starts when Zac tells the guys about growing up in Alabama and learning karate from his dad at his globally famous karate dojo, WORLD OYAMA KARATE. Then the 'Bells give Zac some advice on how to train and eat in order to gain weight. Last, the group answers listener questions about how to lose weight once you've plateaued and what their thoughts are on the LIT METHOD.

"I Command You To Grow!!!"

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