All Roads Lead to Rome (with Nicole Byer)

Welcome to the thunderdome: this week, it's hosts vs. producers as we battle for historical accuracy in the space where it matters most, the intro to this podcast. Sound off/take sides in the comments. Then, Nicole Byer (Why Won't You Date Me?, Nailed It!, Grand Crew) fits us into her busy schedule this week (she flies to London every morning to workout with her British trainer, Ben, which eats up a lot of time actually) to discuss alien buttholes and what notes she would have given Kim K on that video (yes, that video) if she were her mom/manager/momager.

Nicole's Artifacts

  • Dunkaroos and/or Dippin Dots (Food)
  • Vodka soda (Cocktail)
  • Strip Clubs (Business)
  • Mushrooms (Psychedelic)
  • Wigs (Accessory)

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