Nobody’s Eating Grandma (with Ryan Ken)


Hello, all of our special friends! And welcome to the show!! We're so happy to see each and every one of you, come on into our tree fort! We're launching Golden Records into outer space so that aliens far away can know ALL about the human race long after we've all turned to ash!!

Today we're making a record with someone we care about so much, writer and actor Ryan Ken! Take a look at their record!! It's got a singer, an actor, hot bods, and great food! 

Ryan's Artifacts 

  • Whitney Houston singing the American National Anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl (audio-visual)
  • Viola Davis's award speeches (audio-visual)
  • Thirst traps with inspirational captions (human behavior)
  • Regional food chain rivalries (human behavior)
  • People forgetting they’re on mute on Zoom calls (human behavior)

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