185: Dumbbells Live 9 of ? (w/ Toni Charline)

Bellbabies!!! You are in for a treat! Toni Charline is joining the guys in the virtual Weight Room this week. Toni is one the funniest people in the world and a regular guest of the show. She tells the guys about how she went off the rails in the early days of the quarantine and ate a bunch of junk. One of her go-to indulgences was Taco Bell; Toni and the guys even help a listener with their first Taco Bell order. Toni is back on track now, working out and eating right - she tells the guys how she turned it around. The group also answers some listener questions about doing the same workout for 4 years, having to forfeit a deadlift PR because of social distancing and more! Some bonus topics covered: everyone rates their favorite chip and they discuss if barbecue flavored chips are the root beer of chips.

"No Days Off!!!"

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