74: Vegan Again (w/ Toni Charline)

It's Episode 74 with the amazing Toni Charline!! (Bangarang!, The Munchies) Toni is back in The Weight Room to talk about whether or not she adhered to the promise she made last time: 1-3 months of a raw vegan diet. SPOILER!!! She didn't. The Bells and Toni discuss what makes something an appetizer and what their favorites one are. Also, Toni has remained vegan for awhile and talks about the challenges of traveling and sticking to it. She also tells the guys about triggers for her and what can make her fall of her healthy eating. The group tries to figure out a good late night, vegan "drunk food". Last, the guys lay out what Toni needs to do to really see her abs by August.

"Yeah Buddy!!!"

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